Prior to the conference we asked providers if they would like to send in materials or take part in a short presentation to share their good practice.


  • MEDIA CLIMATE – for their Learner Alphabet poster produced by ALDD learners

“We created the alphabet poster as a fun interactive way of using a studio environment to introduce a group of mixed-ability and -mobility adults to the use of digital cameras and editing software. All the pictures were individually taken against a white backdrop and were edited together on one page to produce a creative, eye-catching and fun poster.”

  • WELLIES for their WHOLE BODY learner evaluation and their really good ILPs

We tried the WELLIES BODY evaluation at the end of the conference – it proved very popular and some tutors took away the laminated prints to try with their learners. LET US KNOW HOW YOU GOT ON!

  • CHASE RURAL AQUA – for their example of ILPS
  • PPDG and their learners for the DJ showcase which entertained us after lunch
  • ALL WHO HAD SENT IN LEARNER CASE STUDIES – ONLY A SAMPLE WERE ABLE TO BE DISPLAYED – the impact the ACL classes have on our learners is the most valuable feedback we can get, so please continue to collect them and return them to us.

What have you enjoyed most at the conference?

Overwhelmingly the responses said:


not surprising – how often do teachers get the chance to meet up and share ideas?


this was quite a different response to the one we had when we asked our Providers at the Provider Network Meeting, maybe because there were more teachers present.


What techniques will you take away to try?

Many said they would like to try out the techniques shown on the Stretch & Challenge cards and that they will review their questioning techniques.

There was a lot of interest in setting up circles using Google + for their learners

Key Learning Points identified in Evaluation:-

  • How to use better questioning techniques
  • The range of different Stretch & Challenge techniques
  • Improved understanding of assessment requirements

Improvements for next time? 

Evaluation would suggest that, although there were some who found the pace too challenging, most were able to cope. 60% of the responses said the conference objectives were fully met and none said they were not met.

There were a couple of questions over the relevance of the E & D activity. The range of answers given during the multiple choice quiz indicated that the information given was new to many tutors, so it was an effective exercise in increasing tutors’ awareness of the diversity of our county.  The focus this year was on Teaching & Learning activities. Last year we focussed entirely on E & D and activities have been included in every network meeting and in every sharing good practice session.  Inclusion of the E & D activity was also based on modelling good teaching practice by reinforcing previous learning and of the use of a starter activity in sessions.

Some comments that reflects the range of the comments:-

  • “Good speakers, interesting topics”
  •  “Too much to cover – more time for reflective  practice”
  •  “Needed to be MORE stretching”
  • “Nothing  to change – fantastic creative teaching” 

Next time we will aim to provide a choice of smaller workshops focussing on specific issues to cater better to our mix of tutors, who have diverse backgrounds in terms of their qualifications, experience and curriculum.   

There were some comments about the timing of the day.  Unfortunately we were slightly delayed to the start of the day as we were waiting for people (20!!) who had registered and hadn’t let us know they were not coming!

There were a few comments saying that more information was needed beforehand.  The objectives were included on the invitation on the booking website and shared in the Provider Update.  We think maybe this information wasn’t passed on when multiple places were booked by providers. 

Next time we will have to charge for non-attendance (as national training organisations, like NIACE do).  In future we will not offer the option to providers of multiple bookings to ensure that all tutors booking their own place get all the relevant information prior to the conference.

We are aiming to set up a database of tutor contact details so we can contact tutors directly to facilitate communication about events and training opportunities.

The acoustics in the room were poor – we hadn’t realised it would sound so ‘echoey’ once the doors were open in the afternoon.

We would not use the room in that way again.

discussing accessible assessment Discussing accessible assessment     discussing accessible assessment 2

questioning - reviewing each others' work Reviewing each others’ work in the Questioning Techniques Workshop

using social media        Getting to grips with using Social Media         Social media in Community Learning PPDG DJ Skills Entertainment from the PPDG DJ s

some diversity in the answers! Some diversity in the answers (guesses!) during the Equality and Diversity quiz

evaluation 1   Wellies’ innovative evaluation exercise

Delegates at the conference  Happy delegates at the end of an interesting day!



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