Goodbye and Hello

It’s the time of the year when you may well be finishing one course, and looking forward to starting another after the Easter break. So, I wanted to highlight 2 things to step back and consider: Progression and Induction. Whilst it is easy to find yourself working on course content until the last moment of … Continue reading Goodbye and Hello

Embedded English and Maths in Adult Community Learning

What are we talking about? When we talk about English we’re talking about spelling, punctuation and grammar in written work, but also Communication skills, such as listening, following instructions, discussing issues in group etc.  As for maths, it is more than sums. We’re talking about recognising patterns, and using logic to solve problems. The Common … Continue reading Embedded English and Maths in Adult Community Learning

Learning styles for all individuals

The idea of learning styles and testing learners to find out their natural preference has been popular since the 1980s. This wikipedia page  gives a brief introduction to learning styles, including Honey and Mumford's VAK tests, if you want to refresh your memory. However, more recently there has been some scepticism about how teaching and … Continue reading Learning styles for all individuals