Information and Advice

As we are at the end of term it seems timely to spend a few minutes reflecting on the quality of Information and Advice - reflecting back on what has happened this past term, and what we might want to add or change for next  term. Here is the Staffordshire ACL Information and Advice statement.Information & … Continue reading Information and Advice


Goodbye and Hello

It’s the time of the year when you may well be finishing one course, and looking forward to starting another after the Easter break. So, I wanted to highlight 2 things to step back and consider: Progression and Induction. Whilst it is easy to find yourself working on course content until the last moment of … Continue reading Goodbye and Hello

Information, Advice and Guidance

Information, Advice and Guidance is a topic which should be on our minds throughout the teaching year, but particularly as courses finish and learners get ready to move on. Move on where? IAG is important in adult education because, as a tutor, you are in a unique place to be able to offer learners advice … Continue reading Information, Advice and Guidance