Your course file should contain the documentation as required by the Education and Skills Funding Agency to provide evidence of learner identity, attendance and RARPA.

Documents marked with an asterisk are obligatory.  The others may be required, depending on circumstances.

Course Planning and RARPA/ILPs

Please use these documents, or adapt the format to your own delivery.  Copies should be available to ACL staff conducting Observations of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, and unannounced Class Visits.

*Session Plan 2017/18

Tutor/Trainer Course Planner and Scheme of Work 17/18

* Course Information Leaflet 2017/18

Here are some possible ILP formats but as a tutor you need to ensure that the format you use meets the needs of your learners, AND satisfies the RARPA criteria.  Please discuss with your manager or Provider Quality Managers (Clare/Amanda).  Please also see the RARPA audit checklist below.  EACH LEARNER NEEDS TO HAVE AN INDIVIDUAL LEARNING PLAN IN SOME FORMAT.

RARPA Tutor/trainer Checklist 2017-18 v1

Family Learning ILP

Individual Learning Plan (Example-B)

Individual Learning Plan (Short Courses)

Individual Learning Plan (Example-A)

Individual Learning Plan (WFL Short Courses)

Individual Learning Plan(Example-C)

WFL Grants for schools ILP

Initial assessments for functional skills

Depending on your learners, you may find these Skills Check assessments useful to check the levels of English and maths.  You can request hard copies from the ACL service, via your manager.

Skills Check Booklet Part B

Skills Check Booklet Part A

Skills Check Answer Booklet 2017-18


Please print out these documents as required, complete, and keep a copy in your file.

Venue Risk Assessment and Health and Safety – Field Trip Checklist 2017_18 v2 – your Provider manager may have already completed this document.  A copy should be kept in the Tutor/Trainer file.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan 2017-18 v1

PEEPs guidance 2017-18 v1

Physical Activity Readiness Checklist 2017-18 v1

E-safety Acceptable Use of the Internet Declaration 2017-18 v1

E-Safety Policy – Photography and Video Consent Form 2017-18 v1

E-safety Advice for Learners 2017-18 v1

These 2 posters can be displayed in your teaching room to reinforce the Safeguarding / British Values messages:

ACL British Values Poster 2016-17

Safeguarding Practice Poster

Learner documents

Your Provider should give you hard copies of these documents:

*Enrolment Form 1718 GDPR

* Staffs ACL Learner Handbook

* Feedback form learner feedback 2017 18

Easy Read Learner Handbook

Easy Read Learner Feedback form

Mental Health for Learners Leaflet 2017-18 v1


Your Provider should give you a hard copy of these documents:

CL Attendance register

* Accredited Attendance Register

Tutor Guide

You will receive a hard copy of this document when you attend the Tutor / Trainer Briefing sessions:

Staffs ACL Tutor / Trainer / Assessor Handbook 2017/18


If you have any queries about any of these documents please get in touch using the contact form below.