Information and Advice

As we are at the end of term it seems timely to spend a few minutes reflecting on the quality of Information and Advice - reflecting back on what has happened this past term, and what we might want to add or change for next  term. Here is the Staffordshire ACL Information and Advice statement.Information & … Continue reading Information and Advice


Sharing Good Practice

Sharing Good Practice – how are you developing your practice? We would like to share with you some examples of great practice that we have seen recently. How are these issues demonstrated in your own teaching?  Would any of these practices enhance your teaching and learning? Would they need to be adapted to work with … Continue reading Sharing Good Practice

Filling in the Blanks

You’ve decided on your course aims; you’ve recruited learners; you’ve met them and done the first session; what next? Hopefully in that first session you gathered some information from your learners, whether through an initial assessment activity or a more informal discussion. But what happens to that information now? For most of us, it’s easy … Continue reading Filling in the Blanks

Spring update

This month…. Ofsted – Congratulations and thanks!! Resources from our Embedding British Values and RARPA CPD sessions. Ofsted As you know our long-awaited Ofsted inspection took place on 27-28th February, and the report was published on 20th March.  We are very pleased that our provision was judged to be “Good”, as it was when we … Continue reading Spring update

Safeguarding CPD and Safer Internet Day

  7th Feb - Safer Internet day This is an International event. In the UK the theme is “The Power of Image” and there is a stack of resources available in the Education Packs section here: ...teaching resources, quiz, social media campaign, advice for parents and carers – there’s something for everyone. This is … Continue reading Safeguarding CPD and Safer Internet Day

Policy Focus – Practice built on Policy

e-safety Policy We thought it would be good to highlight some of the important policies that ACL has in place, and to emphasise how they should be reflected in your practice. Please take a few moments to look at the e-safety policy here, and remind yourself of its contents.  Key considerations for tutors: Do you … Continue reading Policy Focus – Practice built on Policy

Welcome to the Staffordshire Adult and Community Learning blog for 2014-2015

We hope you’ve enjoyed a productive start to the new academic year. And that you will find this blog useful for keeping up-to-date with teaching, learning and assessment issues, and Staffs ACL news.  First of all, congratulations to all tutors on their work last year, in particular the tutors who got a grade 2 or … Continue reading Welcome to the Staffordshire Adult and Community Learning blog for 2014-2015

Learning styles for all individuals

The idea of learning styles and testing learners to find out their natural preference has been popular since the 1980s. This wikipedia page  gives a brief introduction to learning styles, including Honey and Mumford's VAK tests, if you want to refresh your memory. However, more recently there has been some scepticism about how teaching and … Continue reading Learning styles for all individuals

Individual Learning Plans – advice for tutors

Find the purpose! You need to be convinced of the purpose of the RARPA and ILP process and you need to convince your learners.  Take the time to look through the ILP documents and understand them.  If you still have questions or concerns talk to your manager.  See the ILP spider diagram for one way of … Continue reading Individual Learning Plans – advice for tutors