Tutor CPD session – working with supported learners

Monday 19th March 2018 – Stafford, SP1, Rudyard Suite, 10.00-13.00 Sharing good practice in provision for supported learners.  This session is for all tutors, those who deliver mainstream programmes as well as ALDD programmes, wherever there are learners with additional needs. Agenda Sharing good practice – a chance to listen and share some of the great … Continue reading Tutor CPD session – working with supported learners


New year, new horizons

It’s getting a bit late now we’re into February but as this is my first post of 2018 I will stick with my title: New Year, New Horizons. It just goes to show how easy it is to be carried along by time, unless you make an effort to put your head up now and … Continue reading New year, new horizons

Autumn Update

Hopefully you are feeling settled in to the new academic year by now and your classes are well underway…. Over the summer I was doing some reading of a few blogs and websites that often have interesting ideas for FE teaching. In doing so, I kept coming across the same ideas of what makes a … Continue reading Autumn Update

ESOL CPD – differentiation and stretch and challenge

This session took place in September 2017 and would be relevant to tutors of ESOL and other languages, with particular relevance to differentiation and teaching groups with mixed abilities/levels. Please see the resources here: Presentation ESOL CPD blog Activities: Dialogue Listening practice The Royal Family text The Royal Family La fête The session focussed on ways … Continue reading ESOL CPD – differentiation and stretch and challenge

Tutor Briefing sessions 2017/18

Thanks to all the tutors who have attended session so far this year. The agenda of the meetings has covered: Class visit and observations: why we do them, what happens to the information we collect, action plans Register: changes in the codes you use to record absences Good practice: looking at the new WordPress website and … Continue reading Tutor Briefing sessions 2017/18

A massive THANK YOU…

...to all the tutors who have worked so hard to inspire and motivate ACL learners over the last academic year. We have really enjoyed coming to visit your sessions, and seeing the enthusiasm and dedication you show to your groups.  What’s more, the Ofsted inspectors were pleased with what they saw in February, so thank … Continue reading A massive THANK YOU…

June update

It's the time of year when I start to turn my mind to summing up this year, and preparing for next year - especially things I want to do differently.  I usually find myself scribbling post-it notes everywhere and thinking I really should put everything in one long list...however you do it, it is important … Continue reading June update

CPD event resources – Differentiation and Embedding English and Maths – May 2017

We ran successful sessions in May on Differentiation and Embedding English and Maths.  17 tutors from a range of providers attended and appreciated the chance to share ideas and experiences. You can check out the resources here. Training Pack Differentiation_English_Math Amended Geoff Petty Differentiation 1 Activities for English and maths embedding-advice Challenge_Toolkit critical_thinking_wheel These are … Continue reading CPD event resources – Differentiation and Embedding English and Maths – May 2017

May update

Not much from me this month but lots of useful updates from other places... Mental Health Awareness week and month - MAY 2017 The Mental Health Foundation are looking at the state of the UK’s mental health for Mental Health Awareness Week 2017. They are now asking: are we Surviving or Thriving? We all have the … Continue reading May update