Tutor CPD session Monday 8th April 13.00-16.00 Stafford, Staffordshire Place 1


Please sign up asap for the remaining places on this CDP session. This is the last in our series of 3 CPD sessions this year which have looked at key areas for development in teaching practice: initial assessment and negotiating individual outcomes; questioning and formative assessment; giving information and advice

The last session will focus on questioning skills and wrap up some of the themes we have seen over the 3 sessions – it will be useful whether or not you have attended the previous sessions.

Please let us know if you can attend by emailing acl@staffordshire.gov.uk and let us know if you have any accessibility requirements. Please note these sessions are for tutors who are currently delivering on ACL-funded programmes. 

What did tutors say about our previous sessions?

Really useful resources

Engaging, interesting and fun

Enjoyable and relevant practical session

Well organised

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 8th April!


Prevent and British Values

The Education and Training Foundation sent out an update about Prevent and British Values recently which highlighted the changing nature of Prevent referrals and also advised tackling British Values one by one. See the full update here: etfoundation prevent and british values

With recent events around the world, in the UK and closer to home in Birmingham with the shocking attacks on mosques across the city recently, it is as clear as ever that we need to encourage dialogue and understanding of different points of view and lifestyles.

IT in Teaching and Learning

Many thanks to those of you who responded to the Survey Monkey questionnaire on using ILT earlier this year. Here are some the key responses:

77% of tutor agree or strongly agree they feel confident with their IT skills for teaching and learning

90% agree they are able to use IT whenever it’s relevant to their teaching

41% of tutors have already used the ACL ILT for tutors padlet, and 86% thought they were likely to use it in future to get good ideas for teaching.

There were a number of requests for further training and support and the good news is that the ETF has recently launched a website with a suite of training modules specifically designed for tutors working in our sector.

https://enhance.etfoundation.co.uk/ – Check out this website for short and sweet modules on topics such as

  • using hashtags
  • designing mobile-friendly learning
  • digital well-being
  • improving feedback with digital tools

https://www.foundationonline.org.uk/course/index.php?categoryid=25 – sign up for an account and access online modules here on:

  • Just in time Word
  • Just in time Excel
  • Just in time Powerpoint
  • Social Media in Teaching and Learning

www.idea.org.uk – not related to the ETF, but this website is for everyone! Again lots of short and sweet modules on topics such as:

  • what is the cloud?
  • Safe online
  • Social media ethics
  • Internet and web

Padlet: The other request for training from the survey was on padlet – how to use padlet

Padlet is so easy to use, please have a look at the instructions here and have a play for yourself.

If you are still stuck with an IT puzzle, please get in touch via the comment box below and I will do my best to accommodate you.















2 thoughts on “Tutor CPD 8th April and more…

  1. Hi, I would like to attend the training but I’m only available evenings and weekends. Will there be an evening option for the training? Many thanks

    On Mon, 25 Mar 2019 at 16:13, Staffordshire Adult Community Learning wrote:

    > Clare Roberts posted: “Tutor CPD session Monday 8th April 13.00-16.00 > Stafford, Staffordshire Place 1 Please sign up asap for the remaining > places on this CDP session. This is the last in our series of 3 CPD > sessions this year which have looked at key areas for devel” >


    1. Hi Really pleased your interested – unfortunately we don’t have enough tutors attending to make it viable to do 2 sessions. All the materials and resources will be posted on the blog after the event though. If there is something of particular interest please mention it, and we can look at covering it at another session in future. Thanks again!


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