We have held a number of tutor briefing sessions over the last few weeks in venues around the county.  Many thanks to all those tutors who have attended, for coming and for your contributions to the activities and discussions.  It is your engagement that makes the sessions work.

We have met 50 tutors, from 19 providers so far, and will let you know if there are any more sessions organised.

We used the Big Picture tool to introduce the aims of the session: 

**Please click on the pictures to view an enlarged version!

We also asked participants to complete an individual learning plan for the session:


A quick activity on what makes outstanding teaching and learning gave us some interesting results:

Engagement and enjoyment are big factors, with progress in new learning, a sense of achievement, and increased confidence also featuring strongly, along with varied and interesting activities.

2017-18 end of year picture – and service targets

Final data is still being collated, but indications are that we are on target to reach our KPIs for good or better teaching and learning, and attendance, and pass rates across the service.  Here are the service targets for 2018-19.

Attendance 90%

Retention 96%

Pass 98%

Achievement 94%

Good or better teaching and learning 95%

Buzz words

We discussed some of the “buzz” words, that are on the agenda nationally in FE and Skills, and how these are featured in our delivery:

Initial assessment,


Progression – CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance)


In order to address some of these issues we have made some slight changes to some of the tutor planning documents, as summarised here:

Tutor Course Planner and Scheme of Work 18_19 v1

  • added some elements from the Citizen’ curriculum framework for reference as to levels for functional skills;
  • box to describe your initial assessment activity;
  • induction checklist split over 2 sessions to make delivery more manageable.


  • new format to cut down on repetition, and hopefully save you time.  Remember you can changes to reflect what YOUR priorities need to be.

Individual Learning Plan (Example-A) 2018-19

  • learner confirmation that they have received an induction and handbook;
  • questions on first page to cover personal/long-term aims;
  • extra detail in progression section.

RARPA – Recognising and recording progress and achievement

Good attendance and retention indicate that the learners are getting something from the sessions but are not enough to provide evidence of how far an individual has progressed.

Tutors observe their learners’ progress all the time, but this on its own is not evidence – you need to record what you have seen and how it demonstrates progress – through feedback comments, or witness statements or evaluations perhaps.

In order to do this you need to have set clear criteria for what you are expecting learners to do.

We asked tutors to list 10 ways to recognise if learning has taken place, and then 10 ways to record evidence of this.  We then matched them up, so that each way to recognise learning has an appropriate way to record that progress.

Please open the document for a list of suggestions.

RARPA suggestions

Do ask for support now if you are unsure about RARPA and ILPs.  Speak first to your colleagues and manager – a collective/collaborative approach with regular evaluation and review is always best.  But then do ask the ACL quality managers – we are here to support you.  We have decided this year that, following support, failure to comply with RARPA criteria will lead to grade 4 observations and financial penalties following RARPA audits, so that these instances get the support they need.

Digital: looking for inspiration? motivation? new ideas? where to get started?  look here:

Made with Padlet

and contact Clare for support, or if you have questions big or small on ILT.

Extra resources: handouts with a number of teaching ideas and resources.

Tutor Briefings – 2018_19

British values ideas: link to booklet

Prevent and British Values in practice_6 Pages

We hope you find these resources useful.  Please share and discuss with your colleagues.  Get in touch if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Most of all, we hope you enjoy planning and delivering your courses this year, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in action!


Good value training session / webinar on formative assessment and engaging your learners – highly recommended:

click here for more info:








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