Which group do you and your learners fit into?

89% of ACL venues have an internet connection     

11% don’t (some of these are, for example, children’s centres, and have restrictions for their own reasons)

45% of non-IT sessions do have IT equipment provided for learners      

55% don’t – but most have equipment for the tutor. In many sessions learners have brought their own smartphones.

Well over half of ACL providers have borrowed the sets of iPads available on loan from ACL  

Some providers have their own tablets/iPads, but if you want to borrow the sets of iPads contact Clare! (see form below)

89% of tutors were doing something good with IT when they were observed       

Most of the rest had an element of ILT during the course. 30% of tutors agreed to develop their use of ILT further…

Half of providers think their tutors’ IT skills are good.     

Half of provider managers said that more IT training/support would be good for their tutors


Did you know:

In 2016/17, 14% of learners wanted to improve their IT skills. Most joined an IT course, but 40% of this group were joining a different course and saw IT as a possible added bonus!


 “Taking a digital approach is fundamental to citizens becoming self-supporting and encouraging social action.”


This is the view of the county council, as the organisation encourages more people to use digital solutions to carry out functions in their daily lives. Everyone needs digital skills.

The Lloyds Bank Digital Skills survey reports that 21% of people have limited online skills, so it is important that we play our part in encouraging our learners to develop their skills. If we don’t, we are neglecting a functional skill, which is increasingly vital.

At Staffs ACL we wanted to share some of the excellent practice which is going on in your courses. And to provide you with some inspiration for what to try next.

We have developed a framework to help all tutors take stock of where they are currently with ILT, and what their next steps should be.  We recognise that the range of courses and learners means that one “standard” for ILT use is not relevant in ACL.  In fact, you, the tutors, are best placed to understand what is relevant and useful in your setting.  That’s fine if you are confident and engaged with ILT, but it’s not always easy.  So the framework on the padlet below should give you some ideas.  Please click on the link to open the framework:



  1. There are 9 categories in columns across the padlet: Resources; tutor skills; learner communication; teaching and learning; independent learning; RARPA; Safeguarding and EDI; embedded employability and functional skills; CPD
  2. In each column identify where you are now in your teaching practice.  The most basic stage is at the top.  You can scroll down until you reach the “expert” stage.
  3. Look at the next few stages and consider if these are relevant to your delivery and worth trying out.
  4. Make a plan to include the ideas in your teaching in the coming weeks.
  5. Review and evaluate: did it work? did it enhance the learning? was it useful for learners? fun? engaging?
  6. Please add comments to the padlet if you can offer advice or suggestions for other tutors. Technology is always changing so this framework should also change!
  7. When you have reached the expert stage in each column you can scan the QR code using your phone or tablet to receive a congratulatory message!

We would like to see tutors using the framework to evaluate their own practice and to develop their ILT practice.  Please add comments to the padlet when you have tried something out, or leave us a comment below.

IT resources

We have some sets of 8 iPads that can be borrowed from ACL for a period of 5 months.  Please contact acl@staffordshire.gov.uk to express interest in this offer.  You will need the support of your manager.  Priority is given to tutors who wouldn’t otherwise have access to IT for the delivery of their courses.  Some providers have found it useful to invest in a mobile wifi connection in order to use the iPads to their full potential.  Please ask if you want guidance about this.

See out IT page here for more ideas on using IT, including apps we have tried and tested.

Training and support

Please contact us to discuss what type of support will help you most. It might be a one-off session or demonstration, it might be pairing up with a buddy to try something together.  It might be some IT basics or something specific.  Please use the contact form below, and we will find the right support for you.

Data taken from:


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