Please see the page below with all the resources and notes from the recent session:

Working with Supported Learners CPD session

Prevent Duty and British Values – training refresh now due!

Many ACL tutors completed initial Prevent training in the autumn term of 2015. Just as safeguarding training should be updated every 2 years, Prevent Duty training also should be updated. If you did your initial Prevent Duty training more than 2 years ago, you should now complete the following online module by the end of May 2018:

You can also find useful resources here:

And an interesting article on this in FE News here

Learner Feedback

We have recently had the results from Term 1 learner feedback forms analysed and are very pleased with the following headline indicators:

  • 98% enjoyed learning on their course
  • 99% were happy with their tutor
  • 100% felt that the tutor ensured all learners showed respect for others’ ideas and views
  • 100% felt safe in the class
  • 99.9% would recommend their course to a friend

Well done everyone!

One figure I find interesting is this:

  • 51% used computers as part of their learning

Obviously this is what learners are reporting at the end of their course, and we don’t have the means to delve more into what they are thinking of.  I’d be interested to see what tutors think….is this an accurate figure?  are people also using smartphones as part of the course, or as part of their independent learning at home, but don’t necessarily recognise this?  Please let me know your thoughts below!

Employability resources

Nice resources here to  help discuss employability skills with learners.  These come from STEM Learning but can be used in many areas.

A4 employability fold out_Interactive_v4

employability skills support



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