…to all the tutors who have worked so hard to inspire and motivate ACL learners over the last academic year. We have really enjoyed coming to visit your sessions, and seeing the enthusiasm and dedication you show to your groups.  What’s more, the Ofsted inspectors were pleased with what they saw in February, so thank you again for pulling out the stops for them.  We are very pleased to have maintained our “Good” Ofsted grading.

Through the year, at class visits, and observations and informally, we have seen some great examples of good practice:

  • Innovative technology allowing all learners to take part eg New Vic course
  • British Values being introduced to all learners including those with learning difficulties
  • Increasing use of social media and mobile technology to encourage peer groups to keep in touch about their learning and to learn independently eg Families First, Forest of Mercia, DDU
  • Wide range of ILP formats that are specifically fit-for-purpose for specific groups of learners, including using voice recordings, scrapbooks, padlets, feedback postcards
  • Tutors and learners being thoroughly reflective about the learning process
  • Learners who are really proud of what they have achieved and are looking forward to moving onto their next steps eg Wellies. Making the most of partnership working, guest speakers etc to provide learners with appropriate progression routes eg Cherish, Upper Moreton
  • Good support for learners’ English, maths and IT skills eg Princess Street
  • Detailed initial assessment particularly of learners with additional needs that allows the courses to be appropriately tailored eg CARE, Royal Mencap
  • High expectations and great progress thanks to specific, motivating and effective feedback, including peer feedback
  • Wide range of teaching, learning and assessment activities that engage learners – collaborative, learner-led, active learning

And of course, what we see during a visit is a snapshot of what you are doing all through the year, so there is obviously lots more going on than we can possibly see. A great way to share the good work that you are doing is to come along to our CPD and Tutor Briefing sessions.

Booking is now open for the 2017/18 Tutor Briefing sessions – these are for all tutors involved in ACL. This year the agenda will include:

  • What is the purpose of ACL visits and examples good practice
  • Important updates re registers and attendance
  • How to access tutor documentation
  • Safeguarding updates

There are currently 4 sessions planned, with possibly a further session in late September/early October.  Please see the flyer below and book your place by emailing: acl@staffordshire.gov.uk by 11th August 2017



CPD session for Language tutors

We will also be running a fun, interactive session for ESOL and Modern Languages tutors to demonstrate and explore communicative speaking and listening activities suitable for use in classes with a range of abilities/levels.  These should get your classes off to a flying start!

Burton Library, Tuesday 19th September 2017, 10.00-13.00

To book your place please email: acl@staffordshire.gov.uk and state if you have any accessibility requirements.

Course Documentation for 2017/18

Following the revamp of the www.staffsacl.wordpress.com  website, all tutor/trainer course file documentation is now available here: https://staffsacl.wordpress.com/course-file/

Please read the notes carefully. There are:

  • a small number of mandatory documents (enrolment forms, register, venue risk assessments),
  • a few others which are obligatory either in the formats suggested or in a format adapted by you to suit your delivery (ILPs, course planning, learner handbooks)
  • a larger number of templates which you may need depending on your learners. We have provided templates to save you having to re-invent the wheel.

We hope you find these clear. Your Provider manager should give you hard copies of the enrolment forms, learner handbooks, ID cards for learners and volunteers, and registers.  You should access other documents from the website so that you can amend them with your own course details.

Please leave a comment if you have any queries or feedback for us.

Family Learning Festival 14-29 October 2017   FL fest

This is a national celebration to mark and inspire a love of learning in family life. It takes place in October every year. The Festival is co-ordinated by the Campaign for Learning, the national charity that aims to build a culture of learning everywhere.

Access the website here : http://www.familylearningfestival.com/ to sign up for a newsletter, access resources to help plan and market your events, register your

events for more publicity.

This year’s overarching theme is ‘Start your adventure’. The strands of this theme that you can use to plan the activities for your event include:

  • Get Crafty
  • Explore More
  • Try Tech
  • Life Skills

Free tutor training available for 10hr Financial capability course

As part of the Festival, Family Fortunes is an innovative training programme which helps families to improve their financial well-being and resilience Our Family Fortunes training provides an opportunity to develop your own skills and knowledge and increase your capacity to deliver valuable support for families in your community. Alongside the free training, we provide practitioners with practical activity ideas, access to exclusive resources and simple evaluation tools to measure the programme’s impact. Free training places are limited and available to practitioners who are able to deliver the 10-hour financial capability programme by October 2017 to local families who have English as an Additional Language (EAL) with children aged 7-11. Please note lunch will be provided and travel costs will be covered for tutors attending the training. For more information including criteria for participation visit: https://familyfortunescfl.eventbrite.com Training will take place in London on Tuesday 5 September and Birmingham on Wednesday 6 September.

summer thanks


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  1. Hi Clare

    Should this have a flyer attached?

    Thanks Nikki

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    On 20 July 2017 at 14:10, Staffordshire Adult Community Learning wrote:

    > Clare Roberts posted: “…to all the tutors who have worked so hard to > inspire and motivate ACL learners over the last academic year. We have > really enjoyed coming to visit your sessions, and seeing the enthusiasm and > dedication you show to your groups. What’s more, the O” >


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