It’s the time of year when I start to turn my mind to summing up this year, and preparing for next year – especially things I want to do differently.  I usually find myself scribbling post-it notes everywhere and thinking I really should put everything in one long list…however you do it, it is important to take stock and evaluate what has gone well, and what needs refreshing in time for next year’s courses.

New Teaching and Learning website

On the topic of refreshing, I have refreshed the look of the Teaching and Learning blog – if you only receive the email update you might not notice, but please follow the link and have a look at the main website:

We will soon be using the site to store all the Course file documents for learners and tutors, as well as all Sharing Good practice and CPD resources, so it will be useful for you to become familiar with the site.

There are 2 reasons for this: we will soon be reviewing our main website  This currently has all the course file documents but, we want to make it more user-friendly for the public and potential learners, so will remove some of the information which is not relevant to them.

Secondly, the Fenc website that we used to use for storing Sharing Good Practice documents has been taken down from the internet, so is no longer accessible.  From now on, we will store all Good Practice items on the Teaching and Learning blog website.

Some of the pages are still under development but will be completed over the summer.

Ideas for tutors – Sharing Good Practice

In particular I would like to encourage you to look at the “Ideas for Tutors” page here:

This links to a series of Padlets, where I have added some Good practice ideas.  The great thing about Padlet is that anyone can add ideas, or comments.  I would like tutors to use this area to collaborate and share good ideas, whether for Teaching and Learning, or other practical ideas for running successful courses.  So please have a look, and feel free to add your own top tips!

If you have any comments or suggestions for the Teaching and Learning website/blog, please let me know using the comments box below…

**Newsflash** Tutor briefings will take place in various locations, August – October, and are a great way to update all your essential ACL knowledge, take part in CPD activities and meet other tutors.  Look out for dates of the 2017/18 Tutor Briefing meetings which will be released soon.

Interesting reading – cognitive load theory

Here’s another FE blog which had an interesting article recently about “Cognitive load theory”



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