We ran successful sessions in May on Differentiation and Embedding English and Maths.  17 tutors from a range of providers attended and appreciated the chance to share ideas and experiences.

You can check out the resources here.

Training Pack Differentiation_English_Math

Amended Geoff Petty Differentiation 1

Activities for English and maths




These are the slides we used: Differentiation and English and maths

We established that there our learners are a hugely diverse bunch of people – that’s what makes the job interesting!  There are certainly organisational and time challenges in differentiating learning, but a learner-led approach to delivery is likely to afford more opportunities to vary tasks and levels of support for individuals.

Here are some photos from the discussions we had (click on photo to enlarge):

The range of differences in the adult learning group

The challenges and suggested solutions to differentiating:

Teaching activities that CAN differentiate well:

The Citizen’s Curriculum again proved very popular as an easy way to understand what functional English and Maths skills people should have, and what can easily be included in sessions – much, in fact, that you are probably already doing.  Access the Numeracy and language and literacy themes here, along with an example of how an IT tutor has referenced these in her scheme of work.

Numeracy     Literacy Language

E3 LN Scheme of Work – Online Computer Basics Feb 17 v3

We hope you have enjoyed the CPD events we have run this year.  Thank you to all the tutors who have taken part and contributed ideas.  We will shortly be thinking about the programme for next year, so if you have any suggestions about the content or organisation, please leave us a comment in the box below – many thanks!!


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