It was great to meet all the tutors who attended the Tutor Briefing meetings across the county over the last few weeks.  In particular the feedback we heard from learners as part of the ACL Focus Groups was really interesting and a great boost! This is what your learners told us about the feedback you gave them while they were on their course.  Have a read here: what-learners-say-about-tutor-feedback

We also covered important updates on Safeguarding, including Wider Safeguarding issues.  Tutors had the opportunity to discuss some Safeguarding scenarios which led to some interesting discussions.  In addition we shared good practice around the initial assessment process and how this feeds into learners’ individual learning outcomes.

Last year at we saw a format for the Group Profile at Families First which clearly led tutors to identify effective individual outcomes for learners.  We identified this as an example of good practice, and we have incorporated the format into the Tutor’s Course Planner for this year.  Here is an example of a completed Group Profile, showing how the initial assessment leads to a focus on particular skills for learners’ individual outcomes: french-group-profile


We are in the process of following up on a number of queries and suggestions raised by tutors at the meetings.  We will feedback to tutors on these in due course.  The first one we have addressed is Progression.  One tutor asked about progression routes for learners.  Please see some suggestions here:



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