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We’re also on Pinterest check out our Art and Craft ideas board here, and feel free to add your own photos of learners and their work…Instagram coming soon.

Last update: Ideas for talking about British Values from Tes, available from Fenc here.  Please leave a comment if you need the password.

I’m sure you’re aware of the Festival for Learning, going on nationally during May and June. As part of the Festival we will be launching our official Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages – watch this space for more details, coming soon. The aim is to increase awareness of adult learning opportunities in Staffordshire. If you use social media yourself, you will know the importance of having good images to promote your posts, so I am calling on all tutors to send me attractive photos of learners and/or learners’ work – particularly if you have been working on art and craft projects. If you are an artist-tutor we can also link to your own pages. If you need advice about learner consent please ask your provider. Do get in touch to share your photos and videos – the more the merrier!

Ofsted reminder!!

We are still due for an Ofsted this academic year so the bets are on for the weeks in June after half term being the most likely! Here are some things to remember:

Register – in place and correctly completed every week.
Inform your manager of any last minute change of dates/times/venue.
up-to-date Scheme of work, which you annotate through the course – keep a hard copy of this and current session plan to hand to an inspector
Class profile – with functional skills levels and support needs for individuals where appropriate
Learners must have Individual outcome targets on their Learning Plans
Tutor Feedback is given as appropriate on work and Learning Plans
We will be given 2 days’ notice. So either Friday for Monday or Monday for Wednesday.
Here’s an interesting article about chunking new information into accessible blocks of learning from another blog I follow – worth reading in a spare moment:


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