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Tutors who came to the session at the end of April enjoyed a fun afternoon trying out a number of innovative apps and websites which enhance learning.  The materials and links are available on Fenc – click here.

We discussed the idea of taking some of the course online – either:

  • before the session, for example asking learners to do some research on a topic, or making contact with learners via social media for example
  • after the session, for example in further support available on a simple blog, or a quick quiz for example

Click on the link below to open a Padlet – very easy to set up, no need to log on or have an account, anyone can contribute:

Here’s another Padlet with links to more resources we looked at:


Tutors have already started to use Padlet and Testmoz with learners and found them really useful, and easy to use.  The important thing is to explore and try it out – you can’t break the internet!

We also looked at : – for creating flyers and posters – for creating infographics – for creating a very simple and easy blog – great for keeping in touch with learners.  Why not add video ( and audio ( for added va va voom?? – for creating QR codes, perhaps for treasure trail, or just an easy way to share a link.


Do let us know how you get on and how your learners engage with these ideas!  Or get in touch if you have any questions, or other suggestions…


3 thoughts on “ILT – ideas from CPD workshop

  1. Hi Claire

    I would like to use Padlet in class. Could you let me know how to get started please? Is it already set up on the Ipads?

    Many thanks



    1. Hi Paola – great! All you need to do is go to the website and click on “Create new padlet” It then takes you to your very own page, and you just double click to open a textbook where you can type, add a link, attachment, picture etc. If you copy and paste the url web address from the top, you can email it to learners, and they can then collaborate too. If you want to, you can change the address of a padlet that you have created by using the buttons on the right hand side – Settings/modify this padlet/address. You can also change the layout, colour etc. If you want you can create an account, which gives you access to all your padlets from one place, so worth it if you create a few different ones. Hope this helps! Give me a ring if you want me to talk you through it…


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