As you know we have been conducting 2 audits of ILT use over the last few months.  Firstly tutors have answered questions about what ILT they have access to and use in their teaching and learning.  Secondly, we have asked providers for a list of venues to see how many have access to the internet.

The results are very positive.  There is an increase in the number of venues with internet access, and tutors are increasingly using the internet, social media and mobile devices such as tablets and phones to enhance their teaching and learning.

Here are some of the ways Staffs ACL tutors are currently using technology:

  • taking photos and video of learners’ work, to use when reviewing progress
  • making voice recordings of learners speaking in language lessons
  • keeping in touch with learners via email and social media to improve attendance and retentionthCAAM4E5M
  • demonstrating websites that learners can use at home for their own independent learning
  • using online maths and numeracy tools such as Maths Everywhere to support development of learners’ Maths in cookery classes
  • using collaborative websites like Pinterest to collect ideas for craft projects and art classes
  • using specialist websites to access great, ready-made resources, eg Teachit languages
  • using websites with interactive activities readymade for whiteboard or tablet Skillswise
  • using video clips to enhance discussions and roleplays: youtube, vimeo, iplayer
  • using Google apps such as Google +, Google drive and Google classroom to keep in touch with learners and share documents and feedback
  • using blended learning ie supporting classroom learning with videos on youtube, blogs or similar sites that learners can access before or after the class to support their learning. It’s probably easier than you might think to start a blog like this one on WordPress, or upload videos to YouTube.

If you are interested in any of these ideas and want some help getting started please get in touch or leave a comment below…

IT trainingWe are looking at organising some CPD events based on the comments from tutors, and will release details shortly.  Look out for regular ILT slots on this blog too, where you will find ideas to help you keep up to date with information technology developments for teaching and learning.

We are also working with the few providers who don’t have internet access in all venues – if you are not sure how to access the internet in your venue, please ask your manager!

If you haven’t yet completed the tutor survey and can spare 5 minutes to tell us what you get up to, then please follow this link:

Survey Monkey Tutor ILT survey




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