We hope you’ve enjoyed a productive start to the new academic year. And that you will find this blog useful for keeping up-to-date with teaching, learning and assessment issues, and Staffs ACL news. 

First of all, congratulations to all tutors on their work last year, in particular the tutors who got a grade 2 or grade 1 at observation.  In total 94% of observations were graded as good or outstanding so we are clearly delivering a great service to our learners, and there is a lot of good practice that can be shared.

58 tutors got together over the 6 Tutor Induction Events around the county during September, and shared ideas on embedding and RARPA, amongst other things. Very often, tutors at events like this most enjoy meeting new colleagues and sharing ideas and experiences. This blog is an online opportunity to do the same thing, and we encourage you to leave comments on the posts, using the comment boxes at the bottom of each page.

Please browse the other pages available – see the list at the top ↑  You’ll find links with info on how to do a supported experiment to develop an area of your teaching (and get paid for it!), on how to use social media in teaching and more…

And you can also scroll back through last year’s blogs; topics included Initial Advice and Guidance, technology tips, stretch and challenge and much more…

We have recently secured our Fenc Virtual Learning Environment for the next year. We’re sure you’ll find it a useful place to visit. You can find, for example:

  • Provider updates with the latest news, reminders from Staffs ACL and celebrations of outstanding tutors

  • Ideas and examples for ILPs

  • Info and ideas for using ILT – we’ll post on this blog too when there is an opportunity to bid for our sets of iPads

  • A growing bank of examples of Good Practice collected from colleagues around the county – with resources, photos and video clips of good tutors in action.

and more….!


Please have a browse around the site: www.fenc.org.uk   Get in touch via the contact form if you’re not sure of your username and password.

You can also keep in touch with us via: 

Twitter  @staffsacltl

Youtube  Staffordshire Adult Community Learning channel

Google+ Staffordshire ACL


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