As the weather is gearing up to give us a long, hot summer I wanted to say thanks to all my followers over the last year.  I hope you’ve found something useful or interesting in the blogs.  All the best for a relaxing break over the summer, and we’ll look forward to a refreshed start to the new academic year in the autumn.

Just before I go, a little feedback on the great iPad Fest workshop we ran on 15th July.  We had a roomful of busy tutors tapping away on iPads, familiarising themselves with the functionality, and having fun playing with some great apps that can be used in lots of ways for teaching and learning.  No better way to discover these than to explore them for yourself on your smartphone or tablet during a quiet moment.  Here is the list of ones we tried:

  • Tellagami
  • Sticky notes
  • Quizlet
  • Popplet lite
  • iMovie
  • QR code readers and creator such as I-nigma
  • Socrative

Find more details and tasks here on Fenc : Using IT in Teaching and Learning  The apps are all free and can be downloaded from app store or play store for Android (except iMovie).  Many thanks to Tim and Michelle for running the workshop.

These are only the beginning, there is so much available once you start looking.  It’s definitely worth asking your learners what they have access to and what they already use, to give you an idea of how app-ready they are!  And some apps will be useful to teachers to use themselves for organising or preparing exciting resources that can accessed over the internet by learners who don’t have a tablet or smartphone.

If you have more ideas, or have used other apps in Teaching and Learning, why not share by leaving a comment below…



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