Information, Advice and Guidance is a topic which should be on our minds throughout the teaching year, but particularly as courses finish and learners get ready to move on.

Move on where?

IAG is important in adult education because, as a tutor, you are in a unique place to be able to offer learners advice about what their next steps might be, with a full understanding of what their current skills are.  It is a good idea to talk to learners about what their long-term ambitions are, and how their current course fits into this.

Whether the options are returning for a similar course, moving onto a higher level, or a different subject, moving onto a college course, volunteering or looking for paid work it’s good to share ideas.

If you are not sure what the options are, do ask.  Try your local CVS, library and local college.

West Chadsmoor Family Centre took a creative approach to IAG with learners on a confidence-building course.  They started by displaying a range of dream-catchers.  They learners were impressed but didn’t think it was something they could make themselves…however, following the instructions and with a little help from each other, they all made one of the dream-catchers.  And they were impressed with their own achievements.  This put them in the right frame of mind to do a post-it note discussion activity about their long-term goals and how to overcome any barriers.  For a short video featuring a learner and the tutors talking about this follow this link: Staffordshire Adult Community Learning youtube

Look out for more ideas for Good Practice on Fenc  and on Twitter @StaffsACLTL


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