The session took place on 26th March at Chasewater Innovation Centre, with 10 tutors from a variety of providers attending.

If you weren’t able to attend on the day:

….you can recreate the session with the resources available here on the “Writing a Scheme of Work training session” page above or on Fenc.  Please see below for all the materials, including video and photos from the session.  You could use the resources yourself or together with colleagues.  We hope you find it a useful exercise.

Feedback from the day:

…Very useful tool….breaking it down was useful….it has got me thinking outside the box!…some useful prompts on embedding EDI, functional skills etc….it refreshed my thinking….”

Also recommended, for a fresh look at session planning, check out the 5-minute session plans courtesy of the Teacher Toolkit:

How to write an outstandingly useful scheme of work…with ease!

You will need:

  • A3 paper
  • post-its
  • coloured pens
  • info about your course eg course information sheet, assessment/accreditation criteria

You will also need the attachments below:





SchemeofWorkCL 26 March with questions


  1. Play the slideshow of the presentation from the link here: SoW session recording final  You should be able to see the slides and hear the audio.
  2. Pause the video whenever there is an activity
  3. Join in with the activities – you can do this on your own, but we recommend doing it with a colleague as you can get a good conversation going.
  4. As you go through the slides and activities you will be writing your scheme of work.   By the end you will have completed the scheme of work – you may just want to type up the notes you have on post-its, to stop them getting lost.

Once you have used your scheme of work with your group, we’d love to hear your feedback.  Was it easier to write? Was it a useful document for you, the tutor?  Did the learners benefit from having a well-planned journey through their learning?  What adjustments would you make for next time?  Did you use any innovative or creative ways to store the information, other than writing it up in a word document?  Please use the comments box below to share your feedback.

Video and photos of the group of tutors from Wednesday 26th March, taking part in this session.  Many thanks to all involved.

Photo 26-03-2014 12 15 58 Photo 26-03-2014 12 15 25 Photo 26-03-2014 12 15 06 Photo 26-03-2014 12 14 41 Photo 26-03-2014 12 14 39 Photo 26-03-2014 12 14 09 Photo 26-03-2014 12 14 08






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