Social Media / Google + workshop with Pete Read

Monday 20th January 10.00-12.30 at Burton and South Derby College, including free networking lunch!!

Pete will be expanding on the talk he gave at the Teaching and Learning Conference.  This will be a hands-on session, giving you the chance to set up a Google+ group and experience how using social media can enhance your teaching.

There are a few places left.  Please contact me using the form below to rerserve your place (please specify any dietary or other requirements).


How confident do you feel about safe-guarding?  And your learners, do they understand this term? Is safe-guarding embedded into the content of your course?

Several staff from Staffs ACL attended a Niace webinar training event on Safe-guarding recently and you can find the materials here.  They include:

  • Links to useful websites eg  Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, Police website; Jisc online safety tools; Ofsted examples of best safeguarding practice
  • The PowerPoint slides with some useful practical tips, resources you can use and adapt.  The PowerPoint slides include a list of Top 10 elements of best practice which providers can use to rate their own organisation.

One thing that came out strongly was it is important for the tutor to promote a culture of respect and harmony between groups of learners – something that all tutors can aim to do.

Other tips for tutors included:

  • The tutor can arrange pairs and group activities so that learners within a group mix well, rather than always choosing to work with their friends.  This promotes understanding and respect within the group and leads to better group dynamics.
  • The tutor should highlight on the session plan/group profile any vulnerable learners and make a note of what has been done to support that individual.  This might include signposting to other agencies, a request for learner support etc.
  • Plan to include activities based on safe-guarding so that learners are aware of their rights and responsibilities.   This might be as part of the learners’ induction to the course and learning environment or as part of the context of the subject being taught.   AND make the most of unplanned opportunities to discuss safe-guarding as they arise.
  • Learners should be involved in preparing risk assessments for learning activities if these are necessary.  As the course goes on learners should be encouraged to take more responsibility for risk assessment, so that they are able to handle risks in the learning environment in an appropriate way.
  • If you are using IT make sure that you discuss e-safety.  See the Jisc pages for ideas here.

For managers/providers:

  • Make sure that learners are aware of safe-guarding issues right from their induction onwards.
  • Compile a bank of resources for all tutors to contribute to and use.
  • Get learners involved eg at feedback forums, have a Learner Safeguarding Ambassador or   e-advisor.
  • Get involved with other local bodies eg Local Safeguarding Board, emergency services and other partners.

Please let us know using the poll here if this information or the Safe-guarding resources on Fenc have been useful to you.


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