“Using social media in Community Learning” Workshop

Monday 20 January 2014

Burton and South Derbyshire College

10.00am -12.30 including networking lunch

Given the interest in Pete Read’s session on using Social Media in Community Learning at the Teaching and Learning Conference in September, we have invited Pete back to lead a hands-on workshop with the following objectives:

  • To explore how social media can be used to extend the classroom
  • To be aware of safe-guarding learners online
  • To find out about some tools for publishing content into the Google circle
  • To create Gmail and Google + groups
  • To create circles and groups and to post content
  • To create a Google + group for community tutors to join
  • For tutors to be able to lead their own learners through the above activities

This will be followed by lunch, provided by Burton and South Derbyshire College, to give tutors the chance to network face-to-face!

Places are limited.  Please book your place by Friday 10th January at the latest, using the comment box below.  Please add any dietary or other requirements you have, and the name of your provider.

New on Fenc:

Provider updates and info from Provider meeting in November, including ASB frequently asked questions, click here

Examples of good practice here


Assessment for learning, assessment of learning, assessment as learning

Feeling bamboozled?  Do you need a refresher on Assessment?  We need to be doing effective assessment in order to give effective feedback to learners.  How can we do this without subjecting learners to a stream of tests?  Assessment has become higher priority for Ofsted since the changes to the Common Inspection Framework in September 2012.  How can ILT help? For a collection of resources to support tutors use of assessment including useful weblinks, click here.

New on the blog:

I’ve added a new page to the blog, with the aim of helping tutors to make good use of ILT.  I will be adding resources to this page, and I invite all tutors who are using ILT to share their ideas so that we can inspire tutors who still developing in this area.

IT and sharing good practice page, click here


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