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Does the Teaching and Learning Conference on 5th Sept seem a long time ago?  Hopefully you enjoyed the day and took away some motivation to start the academic year. 

During the last session on “Stretch and Challenge” we asked you to take note of one Stretch and Challenge activity suggestion (from the cards on the table or in your packs) and to try it out with your learners.

In my French classes I have used the “Observer” activity with role-plays.  So instead of working in pairs as usual, learners have worked in groups of 3.  Two learners take the roles ie waiter and customer, and the 3rd learner is the observer.  It has worked really well as the 3rd learner has been able to highlight some pronunciation difficulties that weren’t being picked up when all learners were active in the role-play.  Also, where the observer has been quite timid, it has given them more confidence when they get a chance to swap roles and take an active part.  More able observers have been very good at being supportive with their classmates too, and they have appreciated getting peer feedback.

We’d be very grateful for your feedback as to what activity you did and how it went; and we’d like to share some of the activities as examples of good practice.  Please get in touch using the contact form below and tell me:

  1. What activity have you tried out? – please give a brief description
  2. Did you have to adapt it from the original suggestions? If so how?
  3. Did it go well?
  4. What was the impact on learners?
  5. What would you change for next time you use this activity?


At the conference we used the Wellies Human Evaluation.  There was a lot of positive feedback and some tutors said they would try it with own groups.

If you’ve used another type of evaluation please tell us about it, using the comment box below…


One thought on “October update – have you done your stretching?

  1. Pete’s video clip showed how the learners’ needs were being met very clearly ..The slide showing their needs and how they were met through the class and the setting up of thier social media group was very effective.


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