South Staffordshire College, Rodbaston Campus

It was a lovely setting for a conference and 50 ACL teachers and managers took the opportunity to spend the day focussing on teaching and learning, even taking lunch in the sunshine.

The focus of the day was “Stretch and Challenge”

At the 2012 ACL Inspection  the inspectors told us that we were really very good at  engaging and supporting our learners but they felt that we did not make the most of opportunities to stretch and challenge learners . This, in fact, was a common issue identified across many inspections in  2012-13.  Inspectors graded ACL as:

 “Good with outstanding aspects” – for Teaching and Learning.

Moving from Good to Outstanding involves understanding what we need to do to improve, actively seeking out best practice, learning from it and sharing it with all those involved.

And it doesn’t stop there.  Attending a conference on best practice doesn’t mean that tutors are then able to go away and do it. Recent research shows that as much as 75% of training/CPD is not effective at all.


Maybe because teachers often need support and encouragement to find the time to try different approaches, adapt them for their learners and see if they work for them. That is why we have engaged another member of staff – to support teachers who would like to volunteer to take part in our “Supported Experiment Project”.  Clare Roberts is our “Teaching and Learning Advisor”.  For advice about taking part in an experiment, to feedback on your “stretch and challenge” activities from the conference, or for support in any other aspect of your teaching please contact her using the form here.



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